Fidget Spinners

During this stress life, many things invented on daily basis to give some relief from our anxious life. There are lots of stress busters available in the market, one of these is #Fidget-spinner. 



Fidget spinner is a stress relief toy made up of ball-bearings covered by a pad with blades which spins around the bearing and gives a pleasurable feeling. There is nothing very special with this toy but during recent times it became very famous among kids as well as youngsters.


You will be amazed to know that these spinners are invented for not as a toy for normal people or normal childrens but these are actually for people who are impacted by #Autism, to concentrate better on things but ironically it is a whole new fashion.


It comes in numerous designs and sizes, with price range of Rs.90 to Rs.900. Some of them have in-built fitted LED by which it glows in dark and looks like u have a ninja weapon in your hand. Sounds pretty cool …

Grab a new one for yourself…



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